Delivery: We aim to process orders placed before 12:00am the same working day and hand them over to the transport company. During busy periods, the processing time is between 24-48 hours.

Returns: It is possible that the product does not meet your wishes, unfortunately this is not a valid reason for return.

  1. Check all your goods upon receipt
  2. If you see visible defects such as defective goods and/or incorrectly delivered products, you must notify us immediately upon receipt within 1-3 working day(s) by e-mail to
  3. You will receive a credit note for the defective goods as we do not replace defected items for customers outside of The Netherlands. 

Delivery time:

  • Europe: 2-5 business days 
  • USA: 5-10 business days 
  • Other International Countries: 5-14 business days

Shipping costs: Below are the Shipping & Handling starting (minimum) rates per country, the website will calculate according to your amount the exact shipping charges.


  • Austria € 25,00
  • Belgium €12,50  
  • Croatia €75,00 or 3,50% of the order amount
  • Cyprus €75,00 or 3,50% of the order amount
  • Czech Republic €75,00 or 3,50% of the order amount 
  • Denmark €25,00
  • Finland €35,00
  • France €25,00
  • Germany €12,50
  • Greece €75,00 or 3,50% of the order amount 
  • Hungary €75,00
  • Ireland €40,00
  • Italy €35,00
  • Latvia €75,00 or 3,50% of the order amount 
  • Lithuania €50,00 or 3,50% of the order amount 
  • Luxembourg €20,00
  • Monaco €35,00 or 2,50% of the order amount 
  • Netherlands €10,00
  • Norway €70,00 or 3,50% of the order amount 
  • Poland €50,00 or 3,50% of the order amount 
  • Portugal €50,00 or 3,50% of the order amount 
  • Slovakia €55,00 or 3,50% of the order amount  
  • Slovenia €75,00 or 3,50% of the order amount  
  • Spain €35,00  
  • Sweden €35,00
  • Switzerland €50,00
  • United Kingdom €35,00 or 2,50% of the order amount 


We ship worldwide!

At CurvyFashionPlaza we work with international transport companies such as UPS, DPD, FEDEX & DHL for international deliveries.

As we offer a variety of products with different sizes, quantities, and values, the shipping cost may vary based on the order's specifications. Therefore, we charge shipping after the order is placed, depending on the size, quantity, value, and destination of the package. Rest assured that we always strive to provide you with the most affordable and competitive shipping rates possible. 

If you have any questions regarding shipping or require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team:


Within the European Union, exports are not subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). This means that businesses exporting goods from one EU country to another can do so without incurring additional VAT costs. However, this is not the case for countries outside the EU such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland and the rest of the world where VAT is charged on imported goods. Therefore, businesses exporting goods to these countries will need to take into account any applicable VAT charges when calculating their export costs. These charges are not included in the product price and must be paid to your customs authorities. Mostly companies like DPD, DHL, FedEx and UPS will handle this and issue a duty invoice that you as a customer need to pay before the shipment is released. 

We Ship DAP termns (Delivered at Place): the seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the agreed-upon destination. However, unlike some other Incoterms, the seller will charge the buyer for transportation and delivery costs. The buyer, in turn, is responsible for paying any applicable duties, taxes, or customs fees upon arrival. It's crucial for both parties to clarify their roles and responsibilities when using DAP to ensure a smooth transaction and avoid any unexpected expenses.

In addition to paying any applicable duties, taxes, or customs fees, the buyer is also responsible for determining the correct duty rates based on the Harmonized System (HS) codes of the goods being shipped. 

At our company, we work with reliable worldwide couriers such as UPS, FedEx and DHL, who can handle the transportation and delivery of goods shipped under DAP. These courier companies have experience in dealing with customs formalities and can provide guidance to the buyer regarding the duties and taxes that need to be paid upon arrival. However, while the courier can provide assistance, it's ultimately the buyer's responsibility to ensure that all duties and taxes are paid correctly, based on the HS codes of the goods being shipped.

Our most used HS codes:

  • 6102.30.20 Women's knit jacket
  • 6104.33.20 Women's knit blazers
  • 6104.43.20 Women's knit tunic/dresses
  • 6104.53.20 Woman's knit skirts
  • 6104.63.10 Women's knit trouser
  • 6109.90.10 Women's knit t-shirt/blouses
  • 6110.30.30 Women's knit sweaters/pullovers